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Ptilocnemus lemur: the ant assassin

To the uninitiated, this may look like a harmless (albeit strange) hemipteran, but it is in fact a feather-legged assassin bug – a killer, that is trained in the subversive arts of ant sedation. Although the majority of assassin bugs … Continue reading

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Colour polymorphism in spiders

Spiders come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and the purpose and function of these different colourations includes crypsis, mimicry, aposematism, and even thermoregulatory considerations. The maintenance of cryptic colouration is of significant survival value to spider populations … Continue reading

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Up close and personal with Myrmecia

Bull ants (Myrmecia spp.) aren’t the easiest creatures to get portraits of. They are very alert and the larger species are quite aggressive and will defend themselves and their nest vigorously. I have, on occasion, been lucky to get close … Continue reading

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